So/Check (Oligo/Scan)

So/Check (Oligo/Scan) is a device made in France that allows you to evaluate these values ​​in the body within a few minutes:

15 heavy metals
7 vitamins
15 minerals and trace elements
oxidative stress level

So/Check (Oligo/Scan)–based on measurements made with the photometer's scanner. The photometer-scan is a qualitative rather than a quantitative method of analysis, measuring vibrational resonance.

Each mineral and trace element has a specific frequency and resonance, and the ability to absorb light. The scanner analyzes the full spectrum of colors of minerals and trace elements, and measures the intensity of electromagnetic radiation of molecules according to the wavelength.

Analysis of the 4 points of the palm, the concentration of minerals and trace elements in tissues,
provides information about the level of oxidative stress, allows to evaluate metabolism.
The imbalance of these substances in the body, i.e. mineral deficiency/excess or excessive accumulation of heavy metals, increases the risk of illness.

What are heavy metals and where do they come from?

Widespread - arsenic, cadmium,
mercury, lead, cobalt, chromium, copper, nickel, aluminum; derived from the following sources:
environmental pollutants (vehicle fumes, air pollution, food pollution, cigarette smoke or radiation)
poor quality foods, especially marine fish with high mercury content; crops grown in soil with high metal content
dental fillings
contaminated drinking water in iron pipes (aluminum, cadmium)
congenital (heavy metals can pass directly from mother to child)
air filters, cosmetics, detergents (especially softeners), etc.
canned food, toothpaste, chocolate,
old paints, insecticides, ceramics
aluminum and non-stick containers, antiperspirants, plastic containers and toys, aluminum foil
some vaccines

Why is the accumulation of heavy metals dangerous?

They combine with SH-groups of enzymes and structural proteins and disrupt their functions; can change the structure of proteins and nucleic acids, cause mutations, disrupt the structure and permeability of cell membranes. Heavy metal chronic intoxication primarily damages the liver and kidneys, and the dysfunction of these excretory/detoxifying organs causes serious pathologies, including autoimmune and degenerative diseases .

What does this diagnosis give us?

the degree of intoxication with heavy metals, the ability of the body to eliminate them
quantitative ratio of mineral balance, deficit or excess of minerals
the degree of oxidative stress and acidity of the body, its antioxidant status indicator
the ability to assess the regenerative potential, determine the degree of tendency to chronic diseases (diabetes, allergies).

You can visit our clinic for So/Check examination.