From small business to great science

From small business to great science
On June 18, 2022, the "Scientific Researches in Integrative Medicine" Center operating on the basis of the Biological Medicine clinic was accepted into the structure of the General Assembly of the Azerbaijan Branch of the International Academy of Health and Ecology Sciences. Being a member of a reputable institution is a great success of Azerbaijan's healthcare as a whole.
This path began in 1998 with the founding of the Planeta company. In 2001, the management of Planeta LLC, engaged in the sale of German-made drugs, got acquainted with the HEEL company and the "Antihomotoxic Society" located in Baden-Baden, and decided to develop Integrative Medicine in Azerbaijan.
Thus, in 2002, a seminar with the participation of an international speaker was organized for the first time in Lankaran under the Antihomotoxic Society. From 2001 until now, 57 lecturers from various foreign countries, mainly from Germany, including international lecturers on Integrative Medicine, have played an important role in helping Azerbaijani doctors master the secrets of this medicine through hundreds of seminars, conferences, webinars, and master classes. The first events were organized in the small lecture hall of the company, and the modules (Module A, B, C) were organized in the conference halls of large hotels. Over time, the lectures of foreign lecturers alone were not enough to apply full Integrative treatment. Specialization of local staff in Integrative Medicine for continuing education has been started and more than 100 doctors have been on the specialization course in Germany. Starting from 2006, these doctors started training for the improvement of doctors in Integrative Medicine both in Baku and in the regions. Integrative Medicine - combines all the proven methods of medicine for the sake of the patient's recovery. Currently, more than 6000 Azerbaijani doctors have successfully completed the course on Biological Medicine.
The management of Biological Medicine LLC, along with doctors, has done a lot of work in the field of medical education of the population. Our doctors visiting the programs (“ Ailə həkimi”, “ Həkimsən”, “ Çox yaşa”, “Həkim işi”, “ Cangüdən” , “ Bioloji Təbabət” , “ Sağlam ol”)  of local channels such as Az.TV, ATV, SPACE TV, KHAZAR TV, PUBLIC TV shared deliberately their knowledge and skills in medical education of people with health problems, in choosing the right and professional doctor for treatment. The successes achieved by the Biological Medicine doctors in the treatment of chronic diseases have attracted the attention of the TV channels of brother Turkey. Our doctors shared their successes with the Turkish audience through their performances on ATV Europe, Kanal D, TV 8.5 International channels. Thus, the success of the professional doctors of the Biological Medicine clinic in the treatment of chronic diseases increased the trust and sympathy of the population for this medicine, which does not harm the body.
A specialized team of doctors has already been formed. One of the foundations of the successful results of Integrative Medicine is that doctors work as a team. Biological Medicine clinics were opened in order to bring them together in one team, to achieve successful results in the treatment of chronic, including autoimmune diseases, and to visually convey the successful results obtained to other doctors. IT clinics started operating in Baku in 2009, in Goychay in 2012, in Sumgayit in 2013, and in Masalli in 2018. The experience of Germany, Colombia, Switzerland and other IT clinics was used in the operation of these clinics.
The role of the genetic factor in the occurrence of some diseases is not small. The Biological Medicine clinic has contributed to the health care of Azerbaijan in this field as well. The Afghan Genetic Diagnosis Center, established under the clinic and meeting international standards, is doing successful work in timely diagnosis of hereditary diseases.
In 2009, The Scientific Department which is the coordination center of the events of Antihomotoxic Society, magazine editorial, publications, translations, conferences, exhibitions, master classes, etc started  to operate.
In order to explore the secrets of Integrative Medicine and exchange ideas, the Society of Biological Therapy and Antihomotoxic Therapy, consisting of experts in this field, was established in Azerbaijan. In 2013 -- Ph.D., prof. F. Ibrahimli was appointed the chairman of the Antihomotoxic Society. The magazine of the Society with the same name has been published for several years now. This magazine, intended for doctors, publishes scientific articles on biological medicine, practical examples of success achieved by doctors in the treatment of various diseases.
Since 2014, based on the successful results of the IT clinic, it was decided to bring Integrative Medicine to all Azerbaijani doctors. For this purpose, since 2014, preparations for the establishment of Scientific Research Institute (ETI) have been started. Medical tourism is one of the areas developed for this purpose. Many foreign citizens from Iran, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Albania, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Russia, who were inquiring about the successful results of Integrative Medicine, visited the clinic and found a cure for the chronic, incurable disease they had been battling for years in Azerbaijan. These facts are a clear example of the contribution of our clinic to the field of medical tourism in Azerbaijan.
Finally, as a logical result of all these studies, on June 18, 2022, the General Assembly of the Azerbaijan branch of the International Academy of Sciences accepted the "Scientific Research in Integrative Medicine" Center operating at the base of the clinic into its structure. At the same time, Ph.D., prof. Fikriya Ibrahimli was elected an academician of the Azerbaijan branch of the International Academy of Sciences. Elkhan Yagubov, the director of the Center for Scientific Research in Integrative Medicine, was awarded the golden badge of the institution.