Trophic ulcer

TREATMENT OF TROPHIC ULCERS with Integrative Medicine

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms in your feet?
Swelling in the legs, feeling of heaviness in the calf area, swelling in the lower limbs, itching, loss of sensation in the legs, temporary lameness, quick tiredness of the legs, frequent chills, increased pain at night...
These symptoms can be the initial signs of a trophic ulcer that is difficult to treat (so people with such symptoms should definitely consult a doctor)!

Do you know about trophic ulcer?
Do you know the reasons behind it?

Despite the development of modern medicine, the treatment of trophic ulcer is still one of the unsolvable issues, and in most cases these patients are subjected to amputation. The treatments carried out in the Biological Medicine clinic are very different both in terms of methodology and the composition and effect of drugs. In the Biological Medicine clinic, trophic ulcers of various (diabetic, venous, arterial) origins have been completely healed in hundreds of patients, and amputation of lower limbs has been prevented. The uniqueness of Biological Medicine lies in its ability to activate the body's self-defense and self-regulation systems, to treat the body by freeing it from harmful substances. These treatments have a bioregulatory effect on the body, eliminate the cause, development and future complications of the disease. We have so many patients that acceleration of regeneration (wound healing), normalization of blood sugar and other important indicators have been observed in patients with trophic ulcers, and complete recovery has been achieved in a short time.